The thoughts of Scraptoft Jogger Sue !!

“When I first came along, I worried that I would be the oldest (I am!), and the slowest (I’m not!), but I realised it doesn’t matter anyway.  I’ve made some good friends through SJ, and Monday nights are really good fun.  What’s more my running has got better too!”  Sue Ablett

Its Springtime lets get Running !!!!


Scraptoft Joggers has been going nearly two years now.  In time we’ve seen our numbers increase so that we regularly now have 15 or more runners coming out on a Monday night, whatever the weather.  With more runners, we are able to split the group to match abilities – the fast runners go further and faster, but the runs are adapted to ensure that everyone is comfortable with their distance and speed.  Running with a group is good fun – there is always support and encouragement.  You can take things as seriously as you want to.  Some runners are keen to take part in races, some just want to improve their running with no thought of ever taking part in an event.  The Club does have some very good runners, it also has others who are content to run a steady 3-4 miles each week.  Whatever your abilities, goals, or interests, we can accommodate them.  Scraptoft Joggers is a really friendly group – come along and give it a try!