Everyone has been a beginner at one time or another.
Scraptoft Joggers is keen to encourage people new to running and caters for their specific needs by having a dedicated beginners group – led by Dr. Sue.

Please note that a basic level of fitness is assumed for those keen to start running – before coming along on a Monday please call Sue on 0787 1285606. Sue will be more than happy to go through any preparation that you might need to do before coming along.

Dr Sue
Dr Sue

Sue started running 30+ years ago. Following a 15 year break, she started running again around 2007 and has many races under her belt at various distances, including the London Marathon.

Sue joined Scraptoft Joggers soon after it started in 2012 and is very committed to encouraging and supporting beginners within the Club.

Sue takes the beginners each week and always adapts the routes and distances to suit whoever is there, she qualified as a Run Leader in 2014.

The beginners group run around 3 miles but this varies depending on the ability of those present.

Click here to download ‘A Beginners Guide to Running’