Scraptoft Joggers – Scraptoft Joggers is a A Running Club For Everyone

About Scraptoft Joggers

When We Meet

We meet every Monday at The White House in Scraptoft. Get there just before 7pm for a prompt start.

Sessions will usually last up to 1 hour.

Membership is free, though you will need to complete a registration form.

Who Should Come

Anyone is welcome at Scraptoft Joggers.  Beginners can jog along with our very own Dr. Sue. Marathon runners can use our sessions to supplement to their other training.

NB. A basic level of fitness is assumed for those keen to start running – Call Sue if you are in any doubt.

What To Do Now

Beginners should call Sue on 0787 1285606. Sue will go through any preparation that you might need to do before coming along.

Those comfortable with running a few miles should call Baz on 0773 807 1686 to find out more, or just turn up on Monday.

Now is the time to start Jogging - see you on Monday